ADS-B Annunciators

Highly Engineered, Human Machine Interfaces

Korry Electronics 389 5/8-Inch Standard ADS-B Annunciators

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Features and Benefits

Korry Electronics 389 LED switches are the OEM switch solution for most aerospace platforms — and they are now available in quick-to-ship legend configurations for installation in all ADS-B units accommodating standard 5/8-inch annunciators. In line with the Korry Quick Switch programs, these standard ADS-B configurations at the lowest cost with delivery as fast as three days.

  • Surface-mounted electronics with the latest generation of high-brightness LEDs
  • Uncompromising performance in system interface capabilities
  • Exceptional illumination characteristics such as brightness output and dimming control
  • Mechanically interchangeable with most 5/8-inch switch products
  • Custom and NVIS configurations available
  • Other options available
Part number Description Press to test Common Diode isolation
52915-001 ADS-B / Fail Yes Neg Yes
41861-472 ADS-B / Fail No Neg No
41861-473 ADS-B No Neg No
52992-001 ADS-B Fail / 1/2 Yes Pos Yes
52992-002 ADS-B Fail / 1/2 Yes Neg Yes