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Korry 307 3/8 x 5/8-Inch Switch and Indicator

Korry 307 Switch

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The Korry 307 is an industry benchmark for reliability, with a rugged design and few piece parts. It delivers bright, uniform illumination and low touch temperature normally found only in larger, costlier switches, thanks to a high-efficiency reflector specifically engineered for its two light sources.

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Korry 307 Switch Matrix

Summary of Korry 307 Features

  • Long-life single-pole switching, for more than 1 million actuations
  • Mounting versatility with two cap-height options, optional brackets, and simple matrixing
  • Quick front relamping in hinged cap
  • Uniform, sunlight-readable lighting with low surface temperature
  • Choice of flange-based LEDs or T-1 incandescent bulbs in 5 and 28 Volts
  • Optional NVIS lighting
  • Optional 50/50 and 80/20 split legends
  • Optional internal seal

Selected Specifications

All dimensions in inches (mm)

Korry 307 Mechanical Drawing

Korry 307 cutout

Weight: 0.48 oz. (13.6 g) typical; varies with options selected.

Operating Characteristics

Switch type: Momentary, single-pole Form C microswitch, gold or silver contacts
Switch travel:
Switch transfer: 0.025 inch minimum (0.64 mm)
Over travel: 0.015 inch minimum (0.38 mm)
Actuation force: 1-2 pounds (0.45-0.91 kg)
Cap extraction: 2-6 pounds (0.91-2.72 kg)
Actuation life: 1,000,000+ mechanical actuations at room temperature


Switch circuit
single pole
double throw)

Korry 307 Switch Circuit Diagram

Lamp circuit options

'Korry 307 Lamp Circuit Diagram

Lamps: two T-1 incandescent bulbs or flange-based LEDs are available in 5 and 28 Volts.

Terminal options:
Single-turret solder (switch) with eyelet solder (lamp circuit types 1 and 2)
PCB (switch and lamp circuit types 1 and 2)
Screw (indicator only; lamp circuit type 3 only)

For more information, please email us at sales@korry.com.


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