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Korry Switches and Indicators in Other Sizes

Although Esterline is best known for Korry 5/8-inch switches, there’s a Korry switch or indicator to fit virtually any situation and environment, with over three dozen product lines in a range of sizes and shapes — each with many options, for thousands of possible configurations. Our most commonly ordered lines are shown below.

For aerospace applications, our manufacturing facility is FAA-certified, with parts manufacturing authority. In addition, a number of our lines are available to the strict military performance standards of MIL-PRF-22885.

Selected Korry Switches and Indicators


Korry 307   Korry 307
3/8 x 5/8-inch switch

  Korry 458/ABS1436   Korry 458 / ABS1436
sealed round indicator
Korry 318   Korry 318
1/2 x 1-inch indicator
  Korry 476   Korry 476
3/8 x 1-inch indicator
Korry 433   Korry 433
1 x 1-inch switch
  Korry 777 spares   Korry spare switches
for the Boeing 777
Korry 434   Korry 434
1/2 x 1-inch indicator

Technical Support Literature

Consult our searchable index of component maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and service information letters.

For more information, email us at sales@korry.com.


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