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3 KDM Devices

  Left to right: KDM1040S, KDM640S, and KDM340S (3ATI) AMLCD modules

Korry Display Module (KDM) series high-efficiency AMLCD displays for avionics and other high-performance applications

With decades of experience in optics and operator interface design, we have leveraged the advantages of AMLCD technology by optimizing backlighting and filtering to meet commercial requirements for sunlight readability as well as military requirements for both sunlight readability and night-vision compatibility. Our KDM units are engineered for:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Long life
  • Very high reliability
  • Very low power consumption for increased LRU power budgets
  • Low weight and low depth
  • Vivid colors, outstanding contrast, and precise dimming control
  • Optional NVIS compliance

KDM displays are the solution of choice for integrated cockpit instruments, multifunction display systems, air traffic control displays, and military flat-panel displays.

PDF Icon KDM340S / KDM340H (3ATI) Display Head Assembly 3.45” (2.4”x2.4”)

PDF Icon KDM340 development kit with VP7 video processing module

PDF Icon KDM640S standard-performance AMLCD module (4x5 inches)

PDF Icon CDU840 standard-performance AMLCD module (5x7 inches)

PDF Icon KDM1040S standard-performance AMLCD module (6x8 inches)

PDF Icon MFD1040 Multi-Function Display (6x8 inches)

PDF Icon Touchscreen HMI Control Solutions

For more information, please email us at sales@korry.com or call 425-297-9700.

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