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Only available, the Korry remote data concentrator (RDC, right), in combination with one or more programmable data concentrator modules (PDCM, left), offers a versatile, modular solution to streamline data-transmission architecture and anticipate future growth. The RDC/PDCM pair includes firmware to allow quick toggling between up to eight I/O circuit configurations.

Gen 3 DCU
This DCU offers a mature design base to meet demanding concentrator requirements. With up to 250 channels and many circuit interface options, it is ideal for customization in complex high-volume, high-connectivity applications such as maintenance data computers and airframe sensor data concentrators.

Remote Processing
RPUs (remote processing units) form a new generation of compact solutions engineered with higher levels of built-in processing as well as data concentration and routing. Our adaptable RPUs support complex applications such as utility, power, or health management systems (UMS/PMS/HMS).

DCU Capabilities

Korry Electronics is an industry leader in developing aircraft data collection, conversion, and routing solutions, usually referred to as DCUs (data concentrator units). Our Korry DCUs deliver the technology you need to implement rugged, scalable, fault-tolerant data networks, with:

  • Proven airborne reliability
  • Versatile I/O and databus management
  • Compact, low-weight designs
  • Self calibration, self testing

DCUs collect discrete inputs, analog signals, and digital data from sensors and equipment throughout the aircraft, then convert them to digital format for streaming over the databus of the flight-control or aircraft-management system (typically ARINC 429, ARINC 664/AFDX, CAN bus, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, RS-422, RS-485).

Main advantages include reduced cabling and minimal signal interference, as well as improved robustness and survivability, through distributed redundancy and the elimination of single points of failure.

We optimize DCU reliability, weight, and size by engineering all our units to systematically reduce component count and connections. We implement state-of-the-art electronics technologies, including:

  • Embedded passives
  • System on a chip
  • Configurable I/O
  • FPGA circuit integration

Our electronics are so compact that the final form factor is driven by customer requirements for the number of I/O pinouts and associated connectors.

With our depth of expertise in electronics design, software, and mechanical engineering, as well as manufacturing and testing, we are able to deliver solutions perfectly suited to your platform requirements.

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