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Spares and AOG Support

For spare parts and airline AOG support related to Korry products, please contact the following distributors and brokers.

Newly Appointed Distribution Partners

Topcast - Asia Pacific

(Hong Kong/Corporate)
Sandy Leung
Tel: +852-2305-4111
Fax: +852-2305-4388
Email: sandy.leung@topcast.com

After business hours (AOG):
Tel: +852-9095-3721
Email: aog-team@topcast.com

Jan lee
Tel: +86-755-8347-9810
Fax: +86-755-8347-9740
Email: jan.lee@topcast.com


Wencor - Americas & EMEA

(North America/Corporate)
Tel: +1-678-490-0140
AOG: +1-888-864-0462
Fax: +1-678-490-0142
Email: sales@wencorgroup.com

(Miami/Latin America)
Tel: +1-305-871-1860
Fax: +1-305-871-7160
Email: sales@wencorgroup.com

Tel: +31-23-554-3474
Fax: +31-23-554-3470
Email: sales@wencorgroup.com

Tel: +90-212-881-75-75
Fax: +90-212-881-75-77
Email: sales@wencorgroup.com


    Military Spares



    Triman Industries, Inc.
    Distributor of Nightshield filters
    Carol Boyle
    Tel: 856-767-7945, x323
    Fax: 856-767-2904
    Email: carol@trimanindustries.com




    Simex Defence Distributor
    Distributor of Nightshield filters
    Sami Mouallem
    Tel: 514-697-7655
    Fax: 514-697-6965
    Email: sam@simexdefence.com




    Integrated Procurement Technologies (IPT)
    Distributor of Nightshield filters
    Adrienne Brown
    Tel: 805-682-0842
    Fax: 805-682-9434
    Email: adrienne@iptsb.com


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