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Korry Integrated Switch Panels

Korry Electronics panel switching technologies allow a variety of flexible solutions to meet complex requirements and production cost targets for commercial and military applications.

Using the appropriate panel switching technology, or a combination, we custom design cost-efficient, high-reliability panels and bezels to your requirements. You define the geometry, switch-placement density, illumination, and mechanical and electrical characteristics. We can also integrate components and electronics, as well as add advanced military capabilities, such as night-vision lighting, TEMPEST shielding, and NBC survivability.

490 Membrane Switch Technology

For economical panels rugged enough to withstand submersible or NBC conditions, our Korry 490 technology is ideal. It integrates our proprietary protective overlay with membrane switches. If lighting is required, we can incorporate LED fiber-optic illumination for high uniformity and reliability at low cost.

Chromarray 490


Chromarray 490


492 Snap-Dome Switch Technology

Area-lit panels with densely paced switches are an ideal application for the compact snap-dome switch of our Korry 492 panel technology. It delivers exceptional performance: a minimum life of one million actuations, positive tactile response, drip-proof sealing, and excellent lighting uniformity in color and brightness.

Chromarray 492 Snap Dome Switch


Chromarray Snap-Dome Switch


493 Encapsulated-Dome Switch Technology

Cost-efficient, high-volume production of panels with outstanding area lighting is made possible through our Korry 493 panel technology, through its integration of encapsulated dome switching and LED lighting.

Chromarray 493


Chromarray 493

496 Garter-Spring Switch Technology

High-performance lighting options not possible with a snap-dome or membrane mechanism are the hallmark of our Korry 496 panel technology: individually lit keys, sunlight-readable hidden legends, and split legends. The Korry proprietary garter-spring switch is also available with high-current switching (to 100 mA) and two-pole, single-ground switching.

Chromarray 496


Chromarray 496


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