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Korry Cockpit Controls for Aerospace and Defense


PDF Korry engineered HMI solutions: flight director display control panels (FDDCPs) and common cockpit keysets (CCKs)

PDF Korry parts for Boeing 787 flight-deck control panel (FDCP) provisioning

Our Korry control solutions for aerospace and defense crewstations provide high-reliability information display and control functions for communication, warning, advisory, flight, and engine systems. We integrate cost-effective, plug-and-play subsystems, drawing on our entire range of expertise in optics, electronics, software, mechanical packaging, and mechanism design. We also rely on our many proprietary technologies in illumination, displays, and switching.

The integration we provide goes beyond Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) packaging of lower-level assemblies and components.

We design and implement the electronics and software architecture for circuits such as control logic, communication, graphics generation, and display drivers. We also create software in conformance with RTCA DO-178B or MIL-STD-498.

For more information, please email us at sales@korry.com or call 425-297-9700 or 800-257-8921 (toll free in USA only).


  • RT-1042 ATC/TCAS Controller
  • RT-1046 ATC Controller
  • Interactive Controls
  • Display Integration
  • GLS Controller
  • Master Warning Assemblies
  • Displays for Free Flight
  • Control Panel Assemblies (CPAs)


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